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New Year, New Positivity

January 4th 2019 - 8am (way too early for positivity, try again later)

So I’m temping again, but it IS at a CREATIVE AGENCY, as everything from the table-football to the (shudder) bean-bags screams insistently.

So - Happy New "Creative" Year to me.

I’ve been at this funky designing-things (I'm not sure what - campaigns?) office for three days now and have already been treated to the ins-and-outs (ha-HA!) of the night porter’s IBS symptoms. But don’t worry, he’s seeing the doctor this afternoon. I’ll keep you updated on his movements.

Currently listening to Elton John’s Are You Ready For Love? It’s 8am and this is patently ridiculous. But Spotify insists this is a perfectly acceptable track to include in a playlist called Upbeat-Friday-Wakeup-Jam or Funky-Friday-Morning-Chill-Vibes.

Or some such shite.

I suppose it’s at least Elton John and not one of the nasal YouTube-ing TV-‘talent’-show-dregs, those innumerable purveyors of teen profundity. Yesterday afternoon I was attempting not to bleed from the eye-sockets listening to someone called Sam Smith – whose voice resembles someone humming through thick cardboard – when the HR director bounced through the reception area in the usual manner of someone who calls themselves a ‘creative’ but is in charge of timesheets – and beamed:

“GREAT choice of music!”

I hadn’t the heart to tell her it was algorithmical. Nor that I hated it.

I bet there’s someone who works here called Carly. There always is.

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